Sunday, December 17, 2017

Beautiful Tall Women giantess feet :

How to Be Tall Confident Woman (Part 1) : Being a tall girl in today's world isn't as easy or as fortunate as the shorter population would believe. Being tall is a public affair, walking around it feels like the spotlight is on you, nowhere to hide leaving most tall girls self-conscious, awkward and not liking themselves and their height.

We have two choices on how to respond:

1.) View it as hindrance, a point of difference from everyone else which is something unfortunate, which we ultimately want to hide, feeling awkward for the attention that our height gives us, or

2.) Deal with it and embrace it to live a fuller and happier life.

Bo one is perfect, always beaming 100% Self-Confidence. Life will always throw us a curve ball, and for us girls (we can be a little more sensitive at certain times of the month compared to men), but Confidence is something that can be learnt, improved upon and enhanced...

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