Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Encourage each other ! Weight loss :

Encourage each other ! Weight loss
So these are just before photos. Wanted to see where I'm starting. I already lost 10lbs before taking these by just watching my diet and walking some. I wanted photos so I hopefully can start seeing a change. Also, I wanted to encourage people of my same size to START. Sometimes starting is the hardest part.

Sometimes I feel defeated when I see people of a much smaller size working on their weight loss. (nothing against them at all) I just feel like...'dang, I'm 10x their size, there's no way I can get there'. But when I see people I can relate more to, I get encouraged. So, anyways, stay tuned for less appalling pics in the future from me. Because I am determined...I have the will..I can do this..and so can YOU! Let's do it guys!!

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