Monday, April 22, 2019

7 Ways To to naturally Lose Weight Fast :

7 Ways To to naturally Lose Weight Fast
1. 20 minute walk ( NOT RUN ) everyday. walking or tread mill speed less then 3.0 possibly with incline will burn fat do not run. running will do cardio. you want weight loss.

2. park far as you can at work, grocery store, use manual door, useless elevator. ( this alone can shave off 5lbs in a year.

3.Drink water at least 8 cups a day. no more pop. diet soda is worst than regualr soda, aspertane is really really not good for you.

4. when you eat. do not watch tv, talk on the cell phone..etc.. focus waht you are doing, eat! enjoy the flavor. listen to your stomach. when it say i'm full stop

5. let the fork down while chowing!! slow down don't inhale food.

6. eat when you are hungry. do not starve your self. REMEMBER #4.

7. Always leave something on your plate. even if it's a bite.

for your graduation....

here is a trick. volumetrics..

how does your body know when you are hungry or not?

when your stomach is full, it's not hungry..

your job is fill your stomach with low calororie high volume food.

if the food is close to natual state, it's less calorie per same size, ( corn < corn mill < cerial < bread)

eat raw veggie, oatmeal, you will eat meat but lean meat, not fast food,

NO LIQUID CALORIES beer, coffee, soda, your bod'y does not count those calories because it goes right throw you.

AVOID CORN SYRUP. it's worse then sugar.

work out...

swimming is great and so is basket ball..

watch your diet..

add low fat burning accersices.. incline tead mill at low speed. / YOGA / and bodypump.

if you are serious about loosing weight in two weeks..

EAt breakfast, and work out everyday.

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