Thursday, October 4, 2018

Video Muscles Girl lift and carry :

Muscles Girl lift and carry
Babies and Toddlers : We aren't likely to quit lifting our babies, holding, and twisting with them in our arms, but if we remember a few simple rules, we can keep our backs strong and healthy, even with baby in tow. We know saying no is to their little eyes is just not an option. First, if you are experiencing any current back or neck pain, avoid lifting and holding the baby until you have seen your chiropractor to have your spine checked.

If holding a baby or toddler will be a regular occurrence for you, work on strengthening your core muscles (abdominals, back, hips) so that you have a strong, solid foundation with which to support the child. Be sure you spine is aligned and adjusted and holding the child close to your center (torso) is best. The further away from your center, the more stress on your joints and back. A chiropractor can help you customize a conditioning program to strengthen your core.

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