Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bodybuilding Tips For the Modern Age Woman (Part 1) :

The modern image of an ideal feminine figure is more or less a scare-crow structure. What is the fashion trend in today's culture is skinny and largely unhealthy bodies as portrayed in all fashion magazines and inner wear ads. The modern woman starves herself almost to death if only to stay 'slim' as they say with complete disregard to health considerations mainly because this is the figure that the society appreciates as ideal and feminine.

A few women however are increasingly standing up to restate the ideal femininity when it comes to physiques using bodybuilding exercises. Some sectors of the society have actually gone as far as accepting muscled women as the sexy and fashionable feminine statements. Even when they don't go the whole breadth in building power muscles, women are taking up bodybuilding to tone up their muscles and build firm and strong bodies. These few are commanding attention of the media and social forums and are in so doing propelling a revolution primarily redefining feminine physiological characteristics. Women will soon stop being referred to as the weaker sex because some are turning out stronger than men after consistent body building efforts.

Social definitions of he woman have in the past held the feminine gender as victims. The women have been subjected to inhuman treatment by their male counterparts simply because they were too weak to rise up to the abusive male dominance. Yet it was the same society that required them to remain weak so as to look attractive and or sexy. In essence therefore, feminine appeal rested purely on their feebleness, subjectivity and helplessness. A model figure has been for a long time been conceived as thin arms and legs, non-existing waits, protruding, sharp shoulder blades and knee or elbow joints sticking out disproportionately. Most online and offline fashion magazines parade waif-like women figures in their pages while most ads feature these unhealthy, mouse-size looking women. If women strive to achieve such model looks, then we will be right in declaring the feminine gender as an endangered species.

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