Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bodybuilding Tips For the Modern Age Woman (Part 2) :

Bodybuilding Tips For the Modern Age Woman (Part 2)
Bodybuilding Tips For the Modern Age Woman (Part 2) :
That is why every female-loving voice must be raised to applaud the few among our sisters who are defying the status quo and fighting hard to establish themselves as armature or professional body builders. Among the most prominent achievements of feminine campaigns in the last two decades is the rise of women body builders, wrestlers and boxers. These few have personified a new image of the 'attractive' feminine figure in the contemporary society.

Young women of today have alternative models to emulate and still retain the desirability that each women treasures. There is nothing, and this is not debatable, as attractive and visually appealing like a confident, strong footed and self-assured woman walking down a street as opposed to the fashionable women who actually appear very weak and even sickly.

Today therefore, one edge of the social continuum lies the images of these new generation massive female-warriors mostly condemned by the society as defiant abnormals and on the other end, there lies the images of the wafer-thin model figures adored by the society for being feminine and or attractive. Whichever group wins, the important thing is that the war has begun and it's daily being waged in the body building gyms. One can be forgiven to take it for granted that it is in the gyms rather than the catwalks that the war will be won.

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