Saturday, February 18, 2023

Four Activities to Circumvent When You Get on a Weight Training Program :

Four Activities to Circumvent When You Get on a Weight Training Program
1. Longer workouts can be a waste of time. There certainly is a point of diminishing returns with workouts, and if you think you are getting as much out of the workout in the second hour as in the first, you are no doubt kidding yourself. Also, time is a precious commodity for you and just about everyone else alive. If you are ready to go to your workout that is going to take half the day, you are more apt to postpone until you have a day less full, and those days are hard to come by. Keep your workouts shorter and more intense, don't spend a lot of time standing by the machine staring at it, and get in and get out.

2. Speaking of machines, limit their use. Exercises that allow the body to move naturally and with a full range of motion are usually not accomplished on a machine. Pilates are good, and free weights also get the job done.

3. You cannot target fat loss in a particular area. Sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. If you have excess flab around the stomach area, by doing sit-ups and crunches is not going to take it off. However, it is possible to build muscle in specified spots with proper exercises for that area, but fat only comes off through diet and exercise. And going on diets or taking weight-loss pills that target fat it certain areas unfortunately is a scam.

4. If you are trying to gain muscle, excessive cardio is not the answer. Put your time into weight training, and if you really are looking for body builder-type muscle, use more weight. Those of us that want toned muscles use less weight but more reps and maximize your range of motion. Some cardio is good, but too much can hamper your muscle gain by burning those calories necessary for the body use to build muscle.

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