Friday, December 10, 2021

Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon :

OK, pop quiz. Which of these two exercises are more likely to get you great abs (if you could only do one): The abdominal crunch, or the bodybuilders' favorite barbell deadlift?

If you said the crunch, you are mistaken. If your body fat percentage is above a certain level (roughly 10% for men, and 18% for women), doing crunches everyday for years will still not form a six-pack. An exercise like the barbell deadlift, however - which not only helps to tear away fat, but also engages the abs intensely - will bring you much further towards that goal.

Why is this? Simply because abdominal muscles cannot be seen when covered in layers of fat. Period. Therefore, the majority of exercises you need to do to see a six-pack are about melting away belly fat. The most effective of these will help you to build muscle, as extra muscle boosts your RMR (resting metabolic rate), which means that you're burning increasing amounts of fat when you're just sitting around, doing squat. It also helps immensely when these fat burning exercises also engage and work the ab muscles.

As mentioned above, the barbell deadlift is one of the elite exercises for this. It works all the major muscle groups, especially the larger muscles in the thighs and glutes.

Not everyone, however, is going to want to attempt this type of exercise, which is fine because there are powerful options. One of my very favorites is the dumbbell lunge, which also engages the abs and the large thigh and glute muscles. It's lower intensity also makes it great for both sexes.

Abdominal exercises should comprise the minority of the time spent during a workout. However, you are going to want to strengthen those muscles, too. The key here is to focus the majority of time on abs exercises that involve movement of the lower body. You shouldn't do this exclusively, because it's useful to attack the abs from a variety of angles. The lower body, however, offers great resistance than the upper body, so if you're pressed for time, focus on exercises like the hanging leg raises and the reverse crunch.

Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon Exercises to Get Great Abs, And Soon

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