Saturday, September 28, 2019

I want to tell my story in detail with Weight loss :

I want to tell my story in detail with Weight loss
My life has changed drastically since I got sleeved. I stated once in a video “I want to look how I feel inside” I do finally feel like my slept, minus the loose skin, which isn’t too bad with the regimen I do. But I have to say with good there is also bad. It all became insane April 2018 when I ended my 4 year relationship. After focusing on myself I couldn’t afford to take care of other people as much anymore. Toxic people weeded themselves out, including my 4 year relationship. I started to see the unhealthy boundaries I created with other people and I chose myself over them. That didn’t sit well with them at all, and when I realized my growth angered them, I knew it wasn’t healthy to keep around. I knew my goals and I knew I was going to achieve them come hell or high water. That being said, I chose to move on my own with out a companion for the first time in my life. Let me remind you I moved to Los Angeles for film school in 2011, so I’m here without any support or family. (I wrote a blog on this) anyway, I’m a crazy risk taker, always have been and the sleeve has helped me get my fire and confidence back. I’m a game developer, so I was going to many conventions but I was never noticed until June 2018 when I had my first e3 “party” and I had my first wild interaction with someone who is extremely attractive in my eyes so my confidence SOARED when that occurred and from that moment I had alittle more confidence in myself. 

I started to put myself out there more. I joined more game competitions, and actually won! Things were really falling into place and I’m feeling at my best for the first time in my life. Then I decided to be in another relationship. That relationship tore me apart. I wasn’t ready yet for something so heavy. He was an alcoholic...and it was the hardest thing to deal with. The relationship only lasted 4 months and it was the most toxic experience I had to deal with in my adult years. Not long after we broke up I was taken advantage of my another man. I went into darkness. I lost my way and foundation of routines. I stabilized in my journey and took a break with my strict diet and routine. Life happens but it’s important take time to heal.

Fast forward after some pretty terrible events that changed my life. (Lost friends, relationships, taken advantage of, and job) I decided to continue and Persue my dream of acting/directing and film.

Yes you heard that right.

Since I’ve started my weight loss Journey, I’ve taken on everything I’ve ever wanted and more. I got my fire back. With bad there is also positives.

I have an mtv episode show coming out in a couple of weeks. I was on Orange is the new black season 7 promo ( I was flown to New York to film), I went to my first rave (nocturnal wonderland) and so much more. All of this because I BELIEVE in myself. It’s not how you look or weight loss but the love you have within yourself and the Confidence to do what you’ve always wanted.

Thanks for reading this far. Love you all.

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