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Monday, March 11, 2019

Clip Female bodybuilding fitness motivation :

Clip Female bodybuilding fitness motivation
The good thing ladies, is, that if you make a few small changes to your workout you can go a long way towards that look yourself.
Here are some tips to doing it right :
Use Male Weights

You've probably seen them, and if your gym is progressive enough you may have even used them. The ladies dumbbells. Light, shiny and possibly in an attractive color, these are pretty much a waste of time apart from to the absolutely weakest people anywhere.

I think the manufacturers of these products play on the fear of women fitness enthusiasts. Women don't want to end up with giant muscles so they stay away from challenging weights. The simple truth is that you need a great deal more testosterone than you have to build those sorts of muscles. Men have that in abundance, most of them anyway, but women do not. So nothing to be scared of. And what's also beneficial is that lifting weights can make an almost immediate and dramatic positive change to your physique.
And don't be worried if you put a pound or two on of healthy muscle. That's completely normal and will without doubt look more attractive than a flabby or muscle free body.

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