Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Video Beautiful girls carrying girl lift and carry :

beautiful girl carrying girl lift and carry
Myth number 6) Strength training makes muscles short and bulky - I want long slender muscles like a dancer so I do yoga instead.
I've heard this one so many times now that if I had a pound for every time, I'd be a rich man indeed. I had a huge argument with an ex girlfriend about this very subject...needless to say I stuck to my guns and am now single! It always amazes me how common this misconception is. Muscles are the shape they are because of where they are attached to your skeleton. These attachment sites are referred to as Origins and Insertions. A muscle is attached to the skeleton by tendons. The point at which the tendon meets the skeleton dictates if a muscle will appear long or short.

These attachment sites will not move regardless of whether you engage in vigorous weight training or endless yoga and stretching. It's just genetics, pure and simple. Some people are blessed with long muscle bellies and short tendons, giving an appearance of long, flowing muscles, whilst other people have shorter muscle bellies and longer tendons giving the appearance of short "bunchy" muscles. There are no special exercises that will magically change the length of a muscle belly. Don't waste precious time doing weird and wonderful movements alleged to lengthen your muscles. We can make our muscles bigger, firmer and improve their condition, but their length is predetermined - if you don't like the length of your muscles, blame your folks, not your weight training routine.

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