Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tall women its attention to all :

If you have long legs - Women with long legs can come in all shapes. If you are tall with long legs, wearing the wrong jeans can make you look disproportionate. This creates an almost lollipop effect, with a large body and little skinny legs below. It is best to choose a more generous cut since this will bulk out your leg area and make you look more proportioned. Wearing boot cut jeans with flats will balance out your legs with the rest of your body.

Additional tips on jeans for tall women - If you would like to create the model look and wear slimmer fitting jeans, that's fine, as long as you compensate with other pieces of clothing to balance the look. Just imagine your whole jean area being visible and then exaggerated by high heels at the same time. It just makes your legs look enormously long and dis-proportioned. The solution is to wear a long blazer or cardigan to make your appearance more balanced. A form fitting top under a blazer or cardigan with skinny jeans is an ideal outfit.

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