Friday, February 2, 2018

Big women lifting and carry girl :

Big women lifting and carry girl
Myth #3: If a woman does lift weights, than she should use light weights and complete a very high number of reps so that she doesn't get too big.
This is another one of those myths that you read about in the women's fitness magazines all the time. While it is a general rule that exercises performed with a weight that only allows the practitioner to achieve a low number of reps before reaching failure will promote muscle size, it doesn't mean that by doing 15 or 20 reps with a lighter weight that you're going to look more "toned" as opposed to "bulky." A toned muscle is achieved via two methods: reducing body fat so that you can see the muscle, and increasing the muscle size so that the muscle will be more pronounced. 

If you review the first myth mentioned above, you'll know that your body's ability to increase muscle mass is limited by the amount of testosterone it produces. So this means that by lifting lighter weights for a higher amount of reps, you're still going to increase your musculature by the same amount as if you were to use a heavier weight, only it's probably going to take longer to see the results.

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