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Clip 16 Inch Huge Biceps Girl Bodybuilder. 10 steps for huge arms (Part 1) :

Clip 16 Inch Huge Biceps Girl Bodybuilder. 10 steps for huge arms (Part 1)
Tired of chaining workouts at the gym and not seeing your arms get bigger? You find that your efforts do not bear sufficient fruit? We propose you here the 10 essential rules to relaunch your progress!
1 - Discover your anatomy
When we talk about the arms, most people immediately think of the biceps, but it's easy to forget that these are not the only muscles in the arms.
If you get to know the different muscles that make up your arms and their functions, you will be better able to choose the most suitable exercises. You will be able to better visualize muscle work and improve your voluntary contraction, which is an important element to make each series productive.
You will see that the triceps represent more than two thirds of the volume of your arms. So it is they who will give an important mass aspect to your arms. You will need to train your triceps at least as hard and as often as your biceps to increase your arm circumference faster.
2 - Train intensely but briefly
The key point when you want to stimulate muscle growth is to get out of your comfort zone to push the muscles to build mass. So you have to look for two things: lift heavy and / or do more repetitions:
By lifting heavy you will stimulate the fast fibres;
By doing more repetitions you will stimulate the slow fibres more.
You will then have a complete job. A pyramidal type drive (also called "rising range") will be perfectly suitable to work on different series formats at the same time.

But be careful, don't overdo it! Don't spend two hours training your arms, it would be totally counterproductive. Once you have stimulated them intensely, all the work you add will be useless, or worse it could be counterproductive by adding unnecessary fatigue. This will ultimately only delay your recovery and therefore your progress!
3 - Vary the exercises
As we said, you have to force your muscles out of their comfort zone. A good solution is to vary the exercises regularly. Indeed, if you always do the same program and the same exercises with the same number of repetitions and the same weights, your arms will have no reason to get fatter.
So do not hesitate to vary these elements every two or three months. There are dozens of weight training exercises, you are not likely to run out of movement!
Punctually, you can also add a totally different session, for example with very long series (50 repetitions or more), or with very heavy series (less than six repetitions).
4 - Work each portion of the muscles in a specific way
Biceps contain two servings while triceps contain three (as their name suggests).
You must therefore have at least two biceps and three triceps exercises in order to work each portion as efficiently as possible.

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