Saturday, May 5, 2018

10 weight training tips to draw your arms (Part 2) :

10 weight training tips to draw your arms (Part 2)
6 - Do "flexing" so that you learn to feel how the muscles contract and feel. It is simply a matter of posing, voluntarily contracting your muscles, feeling them with your mind, etc. This will really help you get a better congestion (the famous "pump") meaning that your muscles are much better stimulated.

7 - Train the rest of your body just as hard so that your body needs to build your arms. Nobody likes to have big arms and be screwed for the rest like spaghetti.

8 - To have arms with muscle definition, you must lose fat all over your body. You can't target places. Building muscle underneath is a must to have a drawn body.

9 - Stretch your muscles! You need it for a good execution of the musculation movements and keep a beautiful amplitude of movement which will stimulate your muscles. The muscle mass is well built with stretching movements, for example the extension of the triceps which brings a stretching to the head along the three muscles (sorting).

10 - If you have excess skin, hanging under your arms and fat, the ONLY way to improve your appearance is to build muscle in those areas. Believe me, ladies, you WON'T become bulky by working out when you follow a diet that aims to reduce your body fat. Warranty!

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