Monday, November 19, 2018

Practice bodybuilding even as a woman (part 1) :

Practice bodybuilding even as a woman (part 1)
A bodybuilder's program usually includes weight training, a rest session, and then a strict diet follow-up. The latter is an important element in this type of activity, since it is necessarily necessary to adopt foods high in calories and protein, but which develops according to the fact that the athlete is in a cycle of mass or muscle gain.

You will sometimes be surprised to hear more and more about bodybuilding in women, since these descendants of Eve usually only think about reducing weight, about having a mannequin height. It is at this stage that they will resort to sport. With bodybuilding, it's different. The majority of weight training takes place in the training plan. Admittedly, this activity also attracts more and more women. Once you get to a gym, you may notice women using weight machines and dumbbells.

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