Thursday, May 23, 2019

Female BodyBuilding - Is it For You? (Part 1) :

Female BodyBuilding - Is it For You? (Part 1)
Female BodyBuilding - Is it For You?
OK Ladies quit throwing things at me. The image you have is probably a body like Arnold with your head on top of his shoulders. Scary isn't it. I am thinking that maybe you secretly wanted to have 15-inch biceps that some men don't even have. Do you know that the national average adult male has a 13-inch bicep?

On the other hand, do you just want to firm up a few things and maybe get that long and lean look.

Most contemporary fitness routines for women involve some weight training. Well, what are you waiting for, ladies? Is it time to pump some iron or what?

Weight training does not mean that you will bulk up like Mr. Universe, although you could if that is your goal. It just means that you will be using some weights to build muscle on your frame.

Just think of this, one of the very positive things about weight training is overall body fitness. You will tone up your muscles and add some muscle, this in turn will help you lose weight as muscles burn more fuel than fat.

We all have heard about your "Core". Well adding weight training to your fitness routine will help to develop those core muscles and give your whole body a better foundation.

In addition, another benefit is it will improve your overall health and improve your circulation. Weight bearing exercise gives the additional benefit of making your bones stronger and reducing the chance of osteoporosis.

Just as exercise and diet work in tandem to beat obesity, it does the same thing for osteoporosis. Taking a calcium supplement is fine but exercise is the big dog when it comes to your bone density. This is a crucial factor as you get older.

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