Monday, May 27, 2019

Is Bodybuilding Wrong For Young Women? (Part 1) :

Is Bodybuilding Wrong For Young Women? (Part 1)
Women generally aren't as musclebound as men, and young girls are especially thin and slight before they reach their full maturity. In my opinion the average person wouldn't expect a young woman to start bodybuilding as often the perception is that it's a man's hobby and young ladies will be changed into hulking behemoths, incapable of being feminine.

We know, as an enlightened society, that this is not the case. Everyone is free to pursue their goals and aims with any amount of zeal, with any purpose and for any reason they see fit. Within the confines of normal law and order of course.

Many young men take on bodybuilding and strength training and I see no reason why young women should be frowned upon for the same thing.

I can see a few reasons why people will believe this is not a good thing...

    The perception is that muscled women don't look as feminine
    Women may be scared to bulk up too much and end up looking like Arnie
    Specious myths about damage a female can do to her body abound

Let's look at those in turn and examine the realities behind this...

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