Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Workout Charts (Part 1) :

Workout Charts (Part 1)
Fighting fat or building up muscles involves more than eating the right kinds of food or the proper amount of exercise. It requires a scientific approach at tracking your progress. To do this effectively, you will need to keep workout charts.

Workout charts are simply that, charts that track down how many hours of exercise your are getting in a given day, week or month. A typical chart should contain dates as well as how long you spend doing warm up exercises. This should also include what technique you use to warm up.

These workout charts should also contain records on what type of exercise and how long it takes you to finish each complete set. These can range from sit ups, bench presses, crunches, push ups, abs repetitions and lunges.

It is important to take accurate note of the dates and times when making a workout charts. They help you by allowing you to see if you have been making any progress or improvements. It helps you see if a particular exercise is working for your body or not. It also shows you the different effects each regimen or workout has for you.
Workout Charts (Part 2)

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