Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Workout Charts (Part 2) :

Workout Charts (Part 2) :
Workout charts should not be limited to historical data alone but they can be used to determine your future exercise regimens. This will allow you to establish an achievable goal over a longer period of time to allow you to reach your optimum weight level. The stages of each one should be clearly outlined, a corresponding increase in the frequency in exercise should also be documented or planned in this chart.

What is good exercise without a proper diet? Food charts and workout charts should go hand in hand. A workout chart allows you to track and plan your exercises while a good food chart allows your plan your diet. Remember, whether you are trying to loose weight or to gain additional pounds you have to eat the right kind and amounts of food at the right time. A food chart will help you do that. It should contain what kind of food whether it be meat, fish, vegetable or whole grain cereals you can consume in a day and more importantly at what time of the day.

Just like workout charts that plan what type of exercise you should do from warm ups to warm downs, a food chart will plan your food intake from breakfast to dinner time. There are certain kinds of food that are ideal for starting the day with like cereal and whole grain oats, while other foods are meant to be avoided especially during dinner time.

If you are seriously thinking about losing those bulges or building some muscle plan your workout charts and food charts first before hitting the gym. It is also best to consult with a fitness expert or dietician when doing so.

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