Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bodybuilding Supplements Made Simple (Part 3) :

Bodybuilding Supplements Made Simple (Part 3)
Bodybuilding Supplements Made Simple (Part 3) :
Ok, back to my main point of how to become a supplement purest. As I mentioned in my story above I wasn't always a purest in this regard. I tried a lot of supplements, but they were just that, a replacement for hard work in the gym - A crutch to rely on thinking I could slack off in the gym as long as I have my full range of vitamins, pills, whatever. You want to have your basics like those I listed in the beginning of this post. You'll want creatine for muscular energy and explosive power,

glutamine for faster recovery and energy, vitamin D, CLA for fat burning acceleration, muscle mass building and retention, and fish oil for, again, muscle building and retention and fat loss. You may already have these, may need to get some, or have your own set of supplements that you feel are tried and trued according to your standards and results achieved. If so, by all means continue doing what you're doing if its working for you and you're not going broke trying to keep up with the latest product to hit the market. The point is to get the maximum amount of results with whatever supplements you feel work for you. I find these, in combination, work the best for me. I hope they do the same for you.

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