Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Silvia Matta, Maximum Muscle :

Silvia Matta, Maximum Muscle
Wings of Strength announced the creation of the Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships. Regarded as the successor to the Ms. Olympia, Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships adopted the point qualification system that the Ms Olympia had.

IFBB Pro Silvia Matta during some of her workout sessions. Silvia Matta is a tough athlete and she always push hard.

Silvia Matta fresh off the Rising Phoenix pro show. Silvia tells Dave her true passion …  Female Bodybuilding, Silvia Matta, winner of Women's Bodybuilding Puerto Rico Pro 2017, at Yamamoto Nutrition booth

Division: IFBB Pro Women's Body Building

Silvia Matta, Competition IFBB, Past Results

Event 2019 Puerto Rico Pro Women's Bodybuilding     Place 3
Event 2018 Tampa Pro   Women's Bodybuilding     Place 6
Event 2018 Toronto Pro Women's Bodybuilding     Place 4

Year 2016     League IFBB     Competition Toronto Pro     Place 7th
Year 2016     League IFBB     Competition Lenda Murray Pro  Place 8th

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