Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Professional Bodybuilding Physique (Part 1) :

The Professional Bodybuilding Physique (Part 1)
I recently read an engaging article on "The Fitness Black Book" website where the author expressed his great surprise that so many people still watch bodybuilding contests. He had assumed our fascination with hugely-muscled physiques would fizzle when the string of popular Arnold Schwarzenegger movies came to a close in the early 90's. He contrasts the hulking image of an eight-time Mr. Olympia winner with the lean look of a Calvin Klein Obsession model and claims the slim fashion model sports a much better physique. He doesn't understand why people find such massively over-muscled bodies attractive. He also finds some of the highly-muscled women bodybuilders a little scary...

Before we react let's take a breath and remember that too much muscle remains a lot harder to achieve than too little. We cannot become hugely over-muscled by simple lethargy or neglect so it represents a far smaller risk of becoming a problem for us than getting too fat.

Too Much of a Good Thing
He makes some good points about too much muscle and a life that revolves completely around bodybuilding and eating 8 times a day. I have to admit the overdeveloped traps pictured on Mr. Olympia look like large tumors growing out of his neck that might somehow be dangerous. And while I admire well-toned women, there's comes a point of muscular development where female bodybuilders cross the line from looking like women to looking like men. I find this a big turn-off. One of my favorite things about women is that they look like women! Just my personal taste I know...

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