Friday, August 2, 2019

How do you guys hit your protein each day?

Does anyone do push ups after BLS Compound Lifting?
How do you guys hit your protein each day? I have to hit 288g and I'm always 50g short. This is after two protein shakes, at least a pound of chicken and whatever I'm having that day. I don't want to get anymore from shakes. Any ideas?

Mike has covered this extensively in the book and in his podcasts. 0.8-1 gm/lb is pretty much the literature standard. There is absolutely no strong data that above 1 gm/lb would help significantly. Eric Helms in one of his podcasts mentioned that higher may be ok in bulk season if no renal disorders but still 230 gm is ridiculously high. Jeff Eckman if you are cutting, rules are simple: maintain 20% daily caloric deficit, consume 0.8 gm/lb of protein and lift heavy shit. Fat will melt.

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