Sunday, July 7, 2019

Massive Muscle Building - 3 Increased Intensity Techniques presented by victoria dominguez bodybuilder :

It's all about progress; lifting heavy weights and developing proper technique will get you the results you are looking for. We realize then and again that we have reached a point where there is next to no progress.

In a given repetition, are you maybe limited by a weakness within a certain part of your full range of motion that limits your ability to increase the intensity of your set? Then you need to implement these three techniques to raise the intensity of your repetitions and target weaker muscles keeping you from achieving further progress.


As the name implies, you will do 21 repetitions in one set which will be broken down into 3 mini-sets of 7 reps. We will use the bicep curl as an example:

First, choose a medium weight for the set. With your biceps fully contracted, slowly lower the weight halfway through the complete motion then rise back to the starting position. Do this last repetition of the upper half of the full curl range seven times thus completing the first mini-set. Next, without rest, perform seven repetitions through the full range of motion completing the second mini-set. The last seven reps will use the lower half of the full bicep curl range.

Twenty-ones let you keep your muscles under more tension during a given set and let you target your weaker range of motion for a given muscle or muscle group. These can be applied to isolation or compound muscle exercises in every part of your body.

One and one-half:

Even though this technique is nothing new, documentation on how to perform these sets are not readily available. I will take this opportunity to explain how to incorporate this repetition into your workout; again with the bicep curl as an example:

Having chosen a medium weight, lift or curl the weight to the fully contracted position. Pause for one second and then slowly lower the weight to half of the full range of motion. Return to the fully contracted position once again. This completes one full repetition of the one and one-half.

The main benefit of this type of repetition is to strengthen the weakest section in a particular full range of motion. You will see that these will get your muscles burning and you will be fighting hard to complete the full set.


You want to keep the best form possible for a particular exercise to be able to target a specific muscle of muscle group. This third technique will help you to achieve just that.

The secret to keeping your muscles under tension is to use the basic tempo and then to adapt it to your particular needs. Could I suggest using the bicep curl in this example?

Starting from the raised or contracted position, take 3 seconds to lower the weight. Raise the weight for one second and hold this contracted position for one second. This repetition could be resumed as the 3-1-1 tempo.

Should you then want to modify the tempo, you could be looking to change the lowering speed to 5 seconds, lifting for 1 and then holding contracted for 3 thus giving you a tempo of 5-1-3. Explore different tempos to add to your workout.

These 3 advanced techniques will force you to lift more weight in a given set leading you to massive muscle gains. You will thus stimulate the growth of muscle groups that have peaked in their development by incorporating these techniques into your program.

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