Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Want to Build Massive Muscle? (Part 1)

Want to Build Massive Muscle? (Part 1)
Many guys that want to build massive muscle are making things too complicated. Building muscle is not that complicated people... so stop trying to make it so confusing. In this article I want to go over three reasons guys who are trying to build muscle mass are failing, still weak and still small. And no, this is not a weight lifting article with complicated theory and equations. Just plain old common sense.

You Are Exercising Your Brain, Not Your Body

Dr. Alexis Carrel said, "Man cannot remake himself without suffering. For he is both the marble and the sculptor." What this means is it is not good enough to know how to build muscle, you actually have to put your body through the suffering necessary to get the muscles to grow. You've got to actually DO the muscle building workouts for the muscles to grow.

What I see is a lot of guys becoming experts at muscle growth. They can talk about muscle fibers, workout program theory and quote scientific text. They spend all their time becoming a knowledgeable sculptor, but never take hammer and chisel to the marble. This is what brings me to the next point.

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