Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Interesting Facts About Women's Bodybuilding (Part 1) | Video :

Interesting Facts About Women's Bodybuilding (Part 1) | Video
Women body building nowadays has become common among the society that we live in. Every woman wants to look well and feminine but the crucial question to them is, do they look how they want or not at the end of a training program? One thing that we should be clear with is, no quantity of physical activity can give you your desired body if it is not coupled with body building exercises.

One fact about female body building is that body building does not necessarily make them look heavy or bulky if that was not the targeted result of the exercises. Women do not produce as much natural hormone testosterone, as men do. This hormone is specifically responsible for increasing the size and strength of body muscles.

It's almost impossible for a woman to gain huge muscle mass naturally unless specific intensive exercises, dieting and supplementation is used for that particular intent. The biological and physiological makeup of women actually predispose women to gain muscle mass on specific body areas such as the hips.

Most of the female body builders we see with huge muscles represent some of the most resolute, dedicated and hardworking athletes in the world. They have overcome insurmountable natural, social and biological odds to achieve muscle mass. Some actually owe their masculinity to anabolic steroids abuse. Yet despite this primary limitation to body building, female body builders can achieve a high degree of muscularity if they are determined to. They cannot however depend on genetics to helps and enables them gain muscle quickly. Rather, they have to spend many hours, days and months in the gym, lifting very heavy weights and following strict diets.
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