Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Very Big giantess Tall women :

- Tailored Trousers: Like your jeans, these need to fit really well. Again, spend the money and get a really good quality pair that fits well and will really last.
- A Pair Of Boots: Many tall girls have feet in proportion to their larger frame. Find yourself pair of classic go-with-anything knee length boots, but make sure they really do go right to your knee and not halfway up your calves.
- A Great Winter Coat: Everyone needs a really good winter coat and no matter what your height, it is an investment piece. So, before you spend your cash, make sure that your coat really fits your body shape. You must feel really happy that the shoulders are wide enough, that the waist is in the right place and that the arms will keep your wrists warm on a cold winter's day.

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