Saturday, May 4, 2019

Clip Hard muscle female bodybuilders flexing her big muscles :

Clip Hard muscle female bodybuilders flexing her big muscles
Before the urinalysis was completed, Coram won a second contest, the 2008 Miss Fitness Maintoba. Once the results were released, the FAME World Tour stripped her of her title. There was no report of the Manitoba Body Building Association taking any action against Coram in regards to the second contest, with the organization's president, Tom Heffner, questioning the validity of the FAME test. What makes this an interesting case is that the competitors are not normally tested at FAME events, and this was a result of the judges flagging Coram for a drug test when they "saw her on stage and were told her body size had increased substantially over a short period," according to a report in the Winnipeg Sun. There are a few problems with this. 

First off, if the judges had any doubts concerning Coram, then why did they give her the championship? Secondly, it is not as if even one of the judges had an independent recollection of Coram's physique and brought that into consideration. They were "told" by an unknown third party of the body changes and used that as the barometer to call for the testing. It seems to be a moot point once the test was administered, but in retrospect, Coram may have been able to delay or even have the test cancelled without a valid reason to call for one. With this behind us, the scrutiny may begin to be intertwined between figure, fitness and bodybuilders.

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