Monday, May 27, 2019

Video Techniques and secrets to building huge arms. 10 steps for huge arms (Part 2)

5 - Use intensification techniques
As noted above, training should be brief but intense. Intensification techniques can be useful because they allow you to go beyond the usual limits of your body.
You can for example do partial, degressive or forced repetitions. But be careful not to use these techniques on each exercise of your training, otherwise it will become too tiring, and you would not have time to recover from one session to the next.
The use of intensification techniques must therefore be punctual and controlled in order to maintain good recovery and avoid injuries.
6 - Recover enough
Without proper recovery, your workout will not be productive, and it could even become counterproductive, thus regressing you! Recovery requires good nutrition and sufficient rest.
Choose your strength training frequency wisely (you must leave enough rest between two sessions for the same muscle), but also that of other physical activities and sports, as well as the duration of your sleep.
If you want to maximize your muscle growth, you need to maximize your recovery, so rest as much as possible. For example, why not take a nap when you have the time!

7 - Take care of your diet
Diet is an element too often neglected by weight training practitioners who do not manage to progress. However, you will not be able to build muscle if you do not provide your body with the "bricks" necessary for its development.
You must consume enough calories, but also protein, vitamins, fatty acids, etc. Your intake should be at least 2 g of protein per kilo of body weight, 1 g of fat, and the rest of your calories will be provided by carbohydrates.  To make sure you are "in muscle", try absorbing 300 to 400 calories more than your maintenance level.
8 - Don't forget the supplements
Remember to include food supplements such as whey protein, creatine, BCAA or omega 3 in your diet plan. These supplements will help you optimize your diet, and increase your performance during your workouts (for example with vasodilators) to promote maximum muscle development!
Note that it is generally cheaper to make a protein powder snack than to take "solid" food.
9 - Stretch your arms
At the end of your arm session, do not hesitate to take a few minutes to stretch your triceps, biceps and forearms. This will allow you to relieve your muscles by removing the tensions that sometimes remain several hours after the end of training.
By removing these tensions, you will improve your muscle and joint recovery.
10 - Lose fat
It may sound paradoxical, but the drier you get, the bigger your muscles look!
In reality, they are smaller (because less fat), but the drawing and the cutting of your arms will make them appear bigger and especially more aesthetic !

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