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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Muscles men like to see in women (Part 1) :

Muscles men like to see in women
The exercises that a woman has to perform, so become attractive in the eyes of men.
Certainly, men do not like to look at women who are muscular, but at the same time do not like flabby fat, so there is the middle stage, which keeps women fit and their body is consistent without muscle formation.
1) Chest muscles :
Chest muscles are an important area of ​​a woman's body. They are not meant to have strong muscles as they do in men, but daily physical exercises such as stress exercises help to tighten the area.

2) the muscles of forearms :
It is not intended to have strong vertical muscles such as men. The use of light weights in daily exercises is meant to increase the stamina and to get strong aids that help women to do their daily tasks without problems. This is done by continuous exercises such as pressing or using dumbbells and light weights on a daily basis .
3) Shoulder muscles
4) Leg muscles

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