Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What are the benefits of squat ?

What are the benefits of squat ?
The squat is a formidable weapon to strengthen the lower body!
It mainly targets the thighs and glutes (quadriceps, adductors, hamstrings). Over the course of the sessions, this reinforcement of the lower limbs guarantees more effective gestures and reduces the risk of joint injuries.

But that's not all: by soliciting the stabilizing muscles, the movement makes it possible to work the balance but also the mobility. Moreover, by dint of exercising, you will manage to gain in range of motion and go down lower and lower.
The exercise of the squat is particularly interesting for sports where explosiveness is important (running, sprinting, tennis ...) since it directly solicits the muscles that support our weight (lower limbs) and cause the displacement of our body.

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