Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bodybuilding Contest Nutrition Outline (Part 2) :

Bodybuilding Contest Nutrition Outline (Part 2)
Bodybuilding Contest Nutrition Outline (Part 2) :
Next, assess the percentage of protein, fat, and carbohydrates that will yield maximum energy production within your caloric allotment. When designing a contest diet, the percentage of daily dietary fat may be reduced to 15 to 20 percent, to give you a greater volume of food to intake for the same amount of calories.

The goal here is to help you during this prolonged energy deficit by increasing the volume of food (same calories but larger portions) and eating activity (chewing, swallowing, digestion, etc.) thus producing satiety without adding calories. Do not eliminate dietary fat entirely. A specific amount of dietary fat is essential for body fat reduction. Additionally, dietary fat makes its own metabolic contribution to satiety and performance (up to a certain point) which may vary among individuals. Because of this individuality some prefer their allotted calories to contain a higher percentage of fat.

To lower fat intake simply replace some of the foods that contain little or no fat. Manipulating the percentage of dietary fat will not affect the number of calories consumed. To maintain or increase muscle while striving to achieve optimal definition (body fat loss) one must continually nourish the muscle while starving the body fat. This can be accomplished by supplying the body with foods and supplementation necessary to compensate for dietary deficiencies resulting from the restricted caloric intake and high-energy output. These added nutrients supply the body with high quality nutrition and few, if any, calories.

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