Thursday, June 27, 2019

Will Weight Training Make a Woman Look Like a Bodybuilder? Weight Training Exercises for the Upper Body :

Weight Training Exercises for the Upper Body :
Bench presses - One of the best overall upper body exercises, even for women. Bench presses will help firm the underlying muscles in your chest and front of the shoulders, as well as develop core body strength.

Bicep Curls - A nicely toned bicep is essentially to an overall balanced look for the arms.

Shoulder Presses - More developed shoulders give the illusion of a smaller waistline and leaner lower body in general, traits that most women desire.

Sit-ups - Six pack abs are not just for men anymore. Including the tried and true sit-ups into your exercises will help you to achieve this.

Tricep Pull Downs - The tricep muscle makes up 2/3 of the total muscle in your arm, yet we tend to ignore it. In order to avoid that underarm flab you need to incorporate this tricep exercise.

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