Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Weight loss, keto dish/treat :

Weight loss, keto dish/treat
Thanks for all the love guys! I honestly don’t have a specific meal plan . I eat within my keto scope and if it fits into my daily macros .

I track every and anything that touches my mouth and I weigh everything

With that said , I do eat a lot of eggs , avocados , tuna and I love cheese

I intermittent fast 18 hrs and eat In a 6 hr window

My will power is easy , I wanted it so bad that when I started seeing results now I’m obsessed !

I don’t lack sweets ! I eat like a queen , I make keto chocolate chip cookie , keto coconut cream pies , keto breads etc now ! You don’t have to give up things you love you just need to tweak them and substitute certain ingredients !

This is a lifestyle change and I don’t ever want to go back to where I was , if I’m craving something I figure a way to make it into a “keto dish/treat”

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