Wednesday, November 13, 2019

(ID:14039) Stop Grow - Natural Hair Inhibitor - International (Men-Women) :

Stop Grow - Natural Hair Inhibitor - International (Men-Women)
A little body hair goes a long way. Now you've got an opportunity to help folks reduce that unwanted body hair and put a whole lot of money in your pocket while you do it with Stop Grow, a natural hair inhibitor that discourages body hair before it even sprouts up!

Specifically, it's designed to: interrupt the anagen phase of body hair, thin out existing growth, reduce length of body hair and decrease the need to wax or shave! Your customers will like that it's clinically proven to reduce unwanted body hair by up to 69%. And they'll love that they can use Stop Grow to reduce hairiness on any part of their body, be it their face, arms, back, or somewhere more private.

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