Monday, April 20, 2020

Weight loss, Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you Stronger :

Weight loss, Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you Stronger
What you see with the woman on the left is a woman who was trapped in verbally and physically abusive relationship/marriage for 4 years, who at 30 years old had a son, later to find he's Autistic. She found herself at the ultimate low point, exhausted, depressed, broke, and trapped. With zero help, she came up with a plan to claw her way out one day at a time exhausted and weak but with a clear vision, and sheer determination. It would take a total of 2 years to finally be relieved and out of the abusive relationship for good and legally(2017-2018). And everyday in the meantime, she pushed herself every waking moment to achieve her fitness goals because she knew being physically strong was just as important as being mentally strong. 

She knew she would have to be incredibly strong to be able to support herself and her child on her own and still achieve her fitness goals and life goals no matter what obstacle no matter how impossible it seemed. She was able to get a gym membership at a local gym and for $5 extra the gym babysat. That was the beginning of her new life...

I'm sharing his story because "Sometimes somebody needs to see the part of the story that you're ashamed of."
And sometimes in life you have to "Fight for your Fairytale."
"Women are like teabags. You don't know how strong they are until you put them in hot water". -Eleanor Roosevelt
"Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you Stronger".
I hope this story inspires you if you're reading this, and I hope it brings you hope for the future and inspires you. ❤️💪💯

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