Monday, April 20, 2020

Bone Health:

Bone Health:

We have all seen the studies that many women are at increased risk for osteoporosis. Strength and resistance based training is a good way to reduce your risk of this devastating disease. Osteoporosis reduces bone mass, and causes weak bone structure. Some of the risks associated with this disease are: an increased vulnerability to fractures of the hips, wrists, and spine. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 28 million Americans suffer from this disease, 80 percent of which are women.

In fact, statistics show that over 60% women over the age of 55 will suffer from an osteoporosis-related fracture during their lifetime. Ladies, please protect yourself now and incorporate a resistance based training program into your arsenal. Your body will appreciate it later in life.

I sincerely hope that you have benefited from the information in this article. Remember ladies, ditch the old wives tales and age old myths about fitness training. Incorporate some resistance based exercises into your routine for maximum mind, health, and body benefit!

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