Sunday, April 19, 2020



Women and men were born with many hormones flowing throughout our bodies. The main ones are called DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. We all share these four essential hormones, however men and women have different concentrations of each. Both men and women have hormones coursing through their bodies. Men have much higher concentrations of testosterone and DHEA, and women have higher concentrations of estrogen and progesterone. The reason many men are able to build quality muscle mass is because they possess high concentrations of testosterone. Now you may be wondering how the heck these bodybuilder type women have way more muscle than most guys and are bigger and more ripped than ever. The answer is: They take prescription doses of testosterone and other drugs to help them build muscle. Do not do this ladies it is bad for your health!

One of the great benefits to resistance training is that it increases lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle tissue has a thermogenic effect, which means it burns fat. Therefore the more muscle you add, the more fat you burn at rest. An extra five pounds of muscle can translate into 10 pounds of fat loss. This translates into an increase in your resting metabolism RMR and a leaner, and sexier you.

Recent studies indicate that for each pound of muscle gained, you will burn 35 to 50 more calories per day. So, if you gain three pounds of muscle, you will burn about 40 more calories per pound, which equates to 120 additional calories per day, which translates into roughly 3,720 additional calories per month and ultimately results in a weight loss of 10 to 12 pounds in a single year!

There are many benefits to resistance training. Building muscle is just one of the benefits, but definitely not the only one. Most women want to have the sexy, toned, fit look that they see in fitness magazines. In order to achieve this desirable look, you must incorporate moderate strength training into your workout routine and have a solid nutrition program. Do not get caught up doing mindless cardio on the stair stepper machine for hours, and jumping from fad diet to fat diet. This is not how it works! Add a few pounds of muscle and burn fat the easy way.

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