Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Birth of Women Bodybuilding Contests (Part 1) :

The Birth of Women Bodybuilding Contests (Part 1)
The first women bodybuilding contests were the Miss Physique and Miss Americana Contests of the early 1960s. During these early contests, emphasis was on the "pleasing" female form, so the contests were really more like the bikini contests of today. Women who were serious bodybuilders rarely won because the judges preferred to see seductive curves.

In 1978, the 1st US Women's National Physique Championship was held in Canton, Ohio. This was the first contest where the competitors were judged on musculature as well as poise. Although considered to be the birth of the true female bodybuilding competition, many consider women bodybuilding competitions to be officially inaugurated with the establishment of the National Physique Committee in 1980 and the launching of the 1st NPC National Competition. That same year gave birth to the Ms...
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