Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Massive Female Bodybuilders, Illusions and Reality :

Massive Female Bodybuilders, Illusions and Reality
In addition, when a huge female bodybuilder is photographed right before, during, or right after a contest remember that the following elements exist to make her look more massive than reality:

    - Stage lighting
    - Multiple coats of tanning oil or tanning spray
    - The final byproduct of multiple sessions in the tanning bed
    - The end result of weeks of dieting
    - The photos are taken during the window of when they carb up and bring nutrients back into their

systems, but still before there is a "spill-over" effect. This window is usually 24-72 hours, but it can fluctuate for each individual
These do not even account for any editing or airbrushing by the photographer! Such editing dramatically can blur the line between illusion and reality.
Remember that huge female bodybuilders are strong and have dense muscle, but they look like their contest photos only for a few hours each year! Keep these factors in mind if you ever meet a female bodybuilder and wonder why she may look markedly different than her contest photos.

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