Friday, November 17, 2017

Top Women Bodybuilders in the World (Part 1) :

Top Women Bodybuilders in the World (Part 1)
Most ladies do not want to see muscles showing on their arms, thighs or legs. They see this as a manly thing. However, there are others who are working day and night to get these muscles. They have incorporated a change of diet and exercise routines in order to develop the muscles. As a result, there are many women bodybuilders in the world. Many of us may not know them, but their impact in this industry is noticed all over the world. 

The initial contests for the women bodybuilders were not highly regarded as the men--but through the years, they started receiving recognition. Some of the great names in this field include Iris Kyle. This 36 year old is also the Miss Olympia title bearer. Her career began in 1994 when she won the Long Beach Muscle classic. Since then, Iris has recorded one win after the other. The year 2001 saw her bag the Ms Olympia title in the heavyweight category and the overall title in Ms Olympia and Ms International. However, she did not begin with this sport because her previous victories were in basketball and volleyball.

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