Sunday, October 7, 2018

Big women lift and carry men :

Big women lift and carry men
Big women lifting and carrying men is a phenomenon known as female strength training, or simply "lifting." Women who engage in this type of strength training often have a strong desire to demonstrate their physical prowess and break gender norms, proving that size and strength are not exclusive to men. The practice can range from carrying light weights or objects to performing deadlifts, squats, and other strength-training exercises with a partner who is typically a man.

The goal is to show that women can be just as strong as men and to challenge traditional gender roles. This type of strength training requires discipline, commitment, and dedication, as well as proper form and technique to avoid injury. While not everyone may find it appealing, it is a testament to the physical abilities of women and serves as an inspiration for those who may be seeking to gain strength and confidence in their own bodies. Overall, lifting and carrying men is a form of empowerment for women who participate in it and serves to break down gender barriers in the realm of strength and athleticism.

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