Thursday, August 30, 2018

What is Mixed Arm Wrestling? :

What is Mixed Arm Wrestling?
Arm wrestling is a sport full of power and strength. The only focus in arm wrestling matches is the player's arm and mental strength. The players grip their hands tight and place their elbows on the surface of a sturdy table. Once the game commences, each player tries his best to pin down the other player's arm on the surface of the table. Mixed arm wrestling is the same thing, except it's played between a male and a female.

This is a fun game which requires a lot of overall arm strength and the ability to psychologically pressurizing the opponent. But there are few techniques which will make you a good arm wrestler. But the strength of your hand is also very important. If you think you can beat anyone in arm wrestling them you must be pretty sure about your strength. Mixed arm wrestling competitions are usually played at the bars with the competitors standing with their arms resting on the surface of the tournament table.

The standing arm wrestling seems to be very easy but its not. The players have to stay put in one position till the game ends. They cannot move their feet or raise their elbow from the surface of the table. This type of wrestling needs a lot of concentration and good timing. The moment you notice that your opponent is tired or losing strength, you need to react immediately and pin his arm down to the table.

This type of wrestling has been played for hundreds of years. Initially it used to be a fun game among young men just to demonstrate their power. Sometimes it also used to be an open challenge between men. The winner takes it all kinds! But today, this fun game is transformed into a full fledged sport with rules and regulations.

It still continues to be a game of strength, power and challenge but there are certain rules that make this game competitive and more fun. Today, there are mixed arm wrestling competitions that allow women to show their strength and power. Just like boxing, wrestling, weight lifting and various other sports which require a lot of strength, it also needs quite a lot of arm strength and mental strength to win the game.

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