Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Arm Wrestling Techniques, Learning How to Hook

Arm Wrestling Techniques, Learning How to Hook
The most common and perhaps the most reliable move in the world of arm wrestling is the "hook". It is safe to assume that everybody is familiar with this as it is dramatized in bar actions as seen on television shows. It can be characterized as an "inside" move, which suggests that you can beat your opponent by focusing on his arm and not on his hand slamming on the touchpad.

To become a master of this art, the first important requirement is to be on equal grounds with your opponent. You must be equally strong; better yet you must be stronger than your opponent. If your desire is to be effective and efficient in this sport, master the different Arm wrestling techniques. Consider the hook if you feel stronger than your opponent for this to be successful. Here are some tips on how to execute it.

• Exert power to your wrist. Curl as hard as you can forcefully without hesitation. Do this after having accomplished a firm grasp of your opponent's hand. The aim is catch your opponent off-guard.

• Force your wrist upon the opponent's wrist. It takes great effort to accomplish this after you curled your wrist. But when you get this through, you are significantly increasing your leverage against your opponent.

• To achieve much better leverage, add your weight to the equation by leaning your body down to your arm which will increase your power once the weight transferred will be converted to force in your arm.

• Be careful not to distance your body away too much from your arm. Remember that they work together, and your arm relies on your body for support and power. Your arm does not play alone. It needs your support.

• Force your body down together with your arm. To be effective, both must act together. If ever your arm gets left behind and your body went on forcing itself, then you are opening your doors to injury. Just try not to make it too obvious or somebody else will cry foul.

Nothing is as good as the physical arm wrestling contest. What's better is when you surprise him by blasting his arm all the way down the table with your impressive hook technique.

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