Saturday, September 1, 2018

I wanna lose weight what can I use ? :

I wanna lose weight what can I use ?
Sustainable lifestyle changes. You can research products (KETO Weight Loss for example) to assist but find a method that is realistic for your lifestyle and what you can maintain. Fad diets are difficult because once you stop you can return to your previous weight or can bet very difficult to stick too and ‘falling off the wagon’ creates a very negative self doubt and can cause huge set backs. It’s about creating changes in your life that can become habits and work for you.

Agreed! Whatever you do don’t make it a diet make it your way of life and adaptable! Look for things that date back and have been effective!! Keto although popular not a fad originated in the 20’s for epilepsy, seizures and diabetes then once pharmaceuticals were available people turned to pills rather than what they ate...watever it is make sure it works for your day to day 

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