Thursday, November 29, 2018

Beginner Bodybuilding Program :

Beginner Bodybuilding Program
The program
    - Lying bench press: 4*12 (4 sets of 12 repetitions) - Pectoral, shoulders, triceps.
    - Tractions (or pulling in front): 4*12 - Back, biceps.
    - Dumbbell development: 4*12 - Shoulders, triceps.
    - Neck bar squat (or thigh press): 4*12 - Thighs and buttocks.
    - Crunch on the ground: 4*10 + 3*1 minute board - Abdominal
    - Lumbar bench 3*1 min - Lumbar

This bodybuilding program has been successfully tested by many people in the forum and will give you good results. Be reassured, it contains enough exercises and series; it is useless to add more! In bodybuilding, we must focus on quality over quantity. Just make progress from one session to another on these basic exercises and the results will be there.

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thoughtsfromthedeep said...

This isn't a program, it's a workout.