Monday, February 18, 2019

11 things to know about bodybuilding : 11 - The impact of bodybuilding on health :

11 - The impact of bodybuilding on health :
For bodybuilders using doping products, sequelae can be numerous and appear very early. Personality change, impotence, strong hair, acne in the back, heart and kidney problems are the main problems observed.

Overtraining is also bad for the bodybuilder's health. He must know how to take a break in the year for his body to recover properly. Intense training and the risk of injury are important, especially in the joints. Indeed, they deteriorate faster because they are not made to withstand too much weight.
On the contrary, if the training is done properly and without doping products, bodybuilding is a good sport that improves the cardiovascular system, delays the onset of age-related diseases and prevents back pain.

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