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Other dietary supplements that may interest you if you do bodybuilding :

Other dietary supplements that may interest you if you do bodybuilding
This mixture of active ingredients such as creatine or caffeine can stimulate your heart rate, but also boost your blood circulation which will have the double effect of increasing your strength, but also your endurance (via your concentration).
This neuromediator is naturally produced by the body and can therefore be found in animal proteins (such as meat or dairy products). By helping you stay focused for longer, taurine also improves your cardiovascular health and helps digest fats.

This amino acid helps strengthen your immune system, but also accelerate your secretion of hormones, especially growth hormone that your body needs to build muscle. It is also an essential nutrient for your body to metabolize nitric oxide and creatine.

Another amino acid, not essential this time, but found in large amounts in muscle tissue and blood. Glutamine helps strengthen your immune system and rebuild your muscles after intense effort. It is therefore a very important supplement if you train several times a week, which can damage your muscle retention.

This acronym, which means "conjugated linoleic acid" is a very important fatty acid because your body does not make it naturally. In the form of supplement, you will especially need it in times of dryness (to melt your fat mass), but it is also a precious ally to lose lean muscle.

This dietary supplement (made naturally by our body) is crucial for the metabolism and can transport the fat cells to facilitate their elimination. It is therefore a good boost in times of dryness and a useful aid to lose weight during dry periods.

This active ingredient found in a plant belonging to the mint family is another 100% natural fat burner that you will find in many fat burner.

Vitamin D
Much has been said in this article about the essential role of vitamins in your sport, including vitamin C, but D is just as important to the proper functioning of your body. By boosting your testosterone levels, it will help you build muscle without bingeing eggs or staying in the sun for hours.

This nutrient found in many natural foods (such as wheat) is also very important for building muscle mass. If you do not eat cereals, it is better to opt for supplements in betaine.

By acting on the metabolism, this active ingredient makes it possible to gain lean muscle mass, ie to take muscle only, and not fat.

Put on sale for less time than the other food supplements presented in this article, beta-alanine is very useful before the training because it provides the body with the energy it needs to produce physical effort intense. Ideal for bodybuilders, therefore.

If you're worried about muscle catabolism, you need to worry about your cortisol levels. To reduce, this dietary supplement is ideal. It is also a good way to boost your physical performance, but also to fight against stress (which can be very interesting for athletes already supplementing testosterone).

No need to present the stimulating properties of caffeine (found in coffee, of course, but also in maca and guarana). It will allow you to increase your concentration and therefore to be more enduring during your workouts.

Another amino acid found in both fat burners and dietary supplements for bodybuilder. It makes it easier to develop lean muscle mass.

Very popular with athletes for its effect on the anabolic state, it also helps boost your testosterone production, and therefore increase your muscle mass faster.

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