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How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin After Weight Loss :

How to Get Rid of Sagging Skin After Weight Loss
Excess weight: OFF. Excess skin: ON. Lose weight = Loose skin. It's rather annoying now that you've shed those extra pounds, you have to deal with folds of hanging, loose skin. Fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of sagging skin after weight loss. Read on below the steps to treat unsightly, saggy skin.

Proper exercise - Work out regularly and include endurance and resistance training into your routine to firm up and tone loose skin. Do some muscle-building exercises to produce a firm yet lean layer of muscles under the skin, making the skin flaps appear tighter and less saggy. Be sure to consult a personal trainer before performing any exercise to avoid injury.

Right diet - Reduce carbohydrates intake and gobble up on protein-rich foods, as protein helps in building muscles. Lean protein like chicken breast, lean pork and beef build muscle and aid in tightening saggy skin after weight loss. For better results, consume a protein bar or protein shake after exercising.

Skin nourishment - Firming lotions and creams not only help get rid of sagging skin, but they also moisturize and increase skin's suppleness. Rub these skin formulas onto your problem areas twice daily to tighten skin and improve its elasticity. Look for those that contain essential ingredients like collagen, cocoa butter, shea butter; and vitamins A, C, E and D.

Plastic surgery - Sometimes proper diet, exercise and skin regimen are insufficient--especially if you've lost a considerable amount of weight. And consulting a cosmetic surgeon is the only way to really get rid of sagging skin permanently. Plastic surgery procedures like body lift can remove unwanted, hideous-looking loose skin after excessive weight loss. Consider this option if you want to eliminate for good excess skin around the abdomen, legs, arms, waist, neck and other parts of the body.

While the skin is an amazingly elastic organ, it can be difficult for it to snap back into its original form after a massive weight loss. If you're suffering from sagging skin, just follow these tips above to get rid of loose skin--and fully enjoy your weight loss achievement.

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